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[ Opposition ]

AR Tactile Poster Design



After Effects

[ Make Love, Not War. ]

The 60s/70s hippy movement emphasized divergence from primary culture and showed en masse, youth culture straying from the norm and coming into their own identity.


The ideas were rooted in an innate bond with nature, our necessary return, the shunning of consumerism, and unyielding anti-war sentiment.

Tactile AR posters were designed to symbolically represent these ideas for a potential exhibition about the era.

Opposition Visual Brief 01
Opposition Visual Brief 02

[ Challenge ]

With such strong ideologies, a strictly digital approach isn’t appropriate. A blend of both analog and digital is crucial; harmony amongst the two allows the core beliefs to be respected but digitized to grant representation into modern times.

Opposition Visual Brief 03
Opposition Visual Brief 04

[ Solution ]

Using a scanner integrates digital and analog seamlessly. To further modernize and respect the aspect ratio provided by scanners, the designs are formatted as an AR experience.


Continuing the scanning motif, a participant could scan printer paper and the video plays within the confines of the white paper.

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