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[ Give an Hour ]

Non - Profit PSA


After Effects

GAH Logo.png

[ Help is Always Here. ]

Within this PSA for Give an Hour, a non-profit organization, PTSD and its manipulation of thoughts and emotions are visually expressed through grunge, David Carson-esque typographic treatment and motion.

[ What Do They Do? ]

Give an Hour seeks, " to develop national networks of volunteers capable of responding to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society." They provide a platform for those who need it most, allowing individuals to begin the journey of healing when they feel most comfortable to start.

[ Challenge ]

Talking about PTSD requires care and delicacy because, for some, it's a reality they live with. As a result, a PSA targeting these individuals needs to be empathetic; ultimately, showing that they aren't alone in the fight

[ Solution ]

The PSA focuses on the daily inner battle with emotions and internal dialogue being center stage. Using a David Carson inspired grunge style, the darkest thoughts triggered by PTSD are symbolically represented. In contrast, a minimalist approach is taken for the logical side that argues against the darkness. 

The end goal was to show others that the issues they deal with don't have to be hard-fought by themselves. Help is only a call or click away and is always available when needed most.

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