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[ Viceland ]

Brand Ident



After Effects

[ Branding in a New Light ]

The exposed, curt identity synonymous with Viceland is placed into new contexts through the use of Surreal elements and nested scenes.

The goal was to understand Viceland's existing brand language and remain true to their essence, but also provide alternative visual solutions in a short 15 second ident.

Viceland Visual Brief 01
Viceland Identity 01

[ Identity ]

The branding consists of straightforward type that acts as a framework for content. The identity is, "blunt and raw – an exposed structure, a functional language free of decoration, artifice and veneer." [Gretel].

Viceland Identity 02

[ Challenge ]

Viceland's strong, recognizable brand identity means there's little for deviation or experimentation. A level of consistency between prior branded material and with this branding needs to be maintained. 

[ Solution ]

To capture the essence of Viceland while also being experimental with their current branding, a character was used alongside dynamic typography. The scenes are nested and take the viewer through a story: a direct reference to Viceland's documentative content. 

Viceland Identity 03
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