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[ Repetition ]

Type Driven Design


After Effects

[ Poetic Intonation ]

Phil Kaye’s "Repetition" is a work of spoken word that explores the immense potential words can possess. Using Swiss-inspired graphic systems, its messaging is further emphasized and emulated typographically.


As the poem progresses, we learn about the influence and consequences of language on an individual and encourages the viewer to reflect on one's own relationship with words.

Repetition Initial Style Frame

[ Challenge ]

Tone is crucial to the successful execution of a spoken word poem. Enunciation and emphasis on keywords/phrases are what drive a poem to be captivating and impactful.

[ Solution ]

Handdrawn graphics alongside minimalist typography provides the necessary contrast for key elements to be highlighted. The two work together to visualize Kaye's intonation and engage the audience. 

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