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[ Phlemuns ]

Design/Type Integration Design



[ Executive Summary ]

Phlemuns is an expressive, unisex brand that designs with everyone in
mind. It lives on the edge of social expectations by, “ thinking outside the
norms of convention” and exists as a mode of “creating the perfect fluidity
of reconstruction of old to new.”

James Flemons, the designer and founder of the L.A based label, creates
work that are a representation of the communities he’s apart of. To be
black, queer, and sexually fluid is to be a part of marginalized
communities with distinctive identifiers that lie beyond set social and
cultural binaries.

[ Challenge ]

There is a powerful message behind the thinking of Phlemuns. Individuality and self-expression are the main conceptual ideologies that drive the designs of the fashion brand. How can these thematic elements be conveyed within a campaign.

[ Voice + Branding ]

Using brash copy that transforms common idioms into a powerful message and bold visuals, expectations were defied and created a unique voice for Phlemuns as a brand.


As a brand passionate about personal expression and inclusivity. Phelmuns has a bold, distinct personality. It’s unapologetically genuine and is vocal about intentional designs made accessible for all. It was imperative that the visual treatment enhances the campaign’s messaging and is demonstrative of these ideas. It needed to be energetic, spirited, and evocative.

[ Solution ]

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